Medicare requires a Medicare Part A PPS Discharge Assessment, effective October 1

Under the IMPACT Act, SNFs are required to submit patient assessment data regarding a resident’s admission to and discharge from a Medicare Part A Assessment, effective as of October 1, 2016. Providers who fail to submit this required data (used for quality measures calculation) may face a 2%-point market basket rate reduction effective October 2018.

Things to note:

  • A Medicare Part A PPS Discharge Assessment is necessary even when a resident’s Medicare Part A stay ends and the resident remains in the facility.
  • The Part A PPS Discharge Assessment is still required even when there are no other MDSs required.
  • The Part A PPS Discharge Assessment is necessary when the resident is physically discharged from the facility.
  • According to CMS, the Part A PPS Discharge cannot be combined with unscheduled PPS assessments (OMRA).
  • According to CMS, the Part A PPS Discharge may be combined with OBRA and scheduled PPS assessments. While it can be combined with these assessments, the Part A PPS Discharge cannot be used as a substitution for OBRA or scheduled PPS assessments.
  • A Medicare Part A Discharge Assessment is not required when a resident passes away during a Part A stay.
  • The assessment reference date of the Part A PPS Discharge MDS must match the date recorded in section A2400C. This date is determined by the end of Medicare date.
    • The end of Medicare date is coded by whichever of the following scenarios occurs first:
      • Date SNF benefit ends
      • Effective date recorded on the Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage (NOMNC)
      • Date of last paid day of Medicare Part A coverage when resident’s payer source changes
      • Date of resident discharge from the facility

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