Note from the speaker: Consolidated billing requirements under PDPM

Sep 06, 2019
The Bottom Line

By Stefanie Corbett, DHA

The Revenue Integrity Symposium (RIS) brings together some of the industry’s leading experts to train on the most relevant, hot-button issues in long-term care (LTC). It also helps establish a sense of community between providers, fostering opportunities for networking and relationship-building. This year’s symposium will be held October 15–16 in Orlando.

All the session topics look interesting and there are great speakers on the agenda. To me, they are all must-attend sessions! I want to attend as many as possible as I enjoy learning with and from other experts, as well as providers, in the industry.

On day one, I will present the session “PDPM Implications for Senior Management,” which will help providers operationalize Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) requirements by evaluating key processes and implementing best practices.

On day two, I present the session “Consolidated Billing: Impacts on Reimbursement Under PDPM.” With so much focus on the new payment model and discussions about key revenue-drivers, providers must also be aware that high costs of care are often associated with clinically complex residents. I will discuss ways to implement strategies to effectively project expenses during the preadmissions process.

When I am not learning and networking at RIS, I am looking forward to enjoying the Florida sun. I hope to carve out time to enjoy Universal Studios while in Orlando.

I hope you’ll join me at RIS.

Editor’s Note: Corbett is HCPro’s post-acute regulatory specialist, as well as a health policy educator, consultant, researcher, and author. She is also an AMBR Advisory Board member.

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