Pro tip from an AMBR board member

May 03, 2019
The Bottom Line

In our first edition of the AMBR Journal, we interviewed AMBR advisory board member Maureen McCarthy, RN, BS RAC-MT, QCP-MT, DNS-MT, about her experience working as a biller in long-term care. McCarthy is now a successful business woman, president a consulting company, and an expert in her field. Here’s what she had to say about billers who want to network more and communicate with their peers, but aren’t sure where to start.

I think billers can definitely feel as though they are a silo. A lot of states don’t have associations specifically for billers and there isn’t a designated source where they can go for information and training outside of what CMS and their Medicare Administrative Contractors put out. Interpretations of changes in the billing world can vary, so having peers to bounce ideas off of is essential. Especially with PDPM coming October 1 and looking at the different billing components and HIPPS modifiers, being able to bounce things off one another adds such value to an association for billers, which is why AMBR’s talk forum is so great. As I mentioned earlier, managed care is another difficulty so if there’s one member in the association who does a lot of billing for a certain managed care payer, he or she may be able to help others understand what they need to do to help get their claims filed. That type of camaraderie and networking ability is so valuable for billers today. Members that not only ask questions, but also serve as a resource themselves is what drives an association.

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