Quick tip: Modifiers for portable X-ray services

Aug 29, 2019
The Bottom Line

Facilities are required to use modifiers for HCPCS code R0075 (transportation of portable X-rays). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) created the modifiers so that a facility can report the number of residents served during a single trip. You should use these codes only if the X-ray equipment was actually transported to the nursing home.

The modifiers are as follows:

  • -UN: Two residents served
  • -UP: Three residents served
  • -UQ: Four residents served
  • -UR: Five residents served
  • -US: Six residents served

CMS allows only a single transportation payment for each trip the portable X-ray supplier makes to a particular location. When more than one patient has X-rays taken at the same location, the single transportation
payment under the MPFS is to be prorated among all patients (Medicare Parts A and B and non-Medicare) receiving portable X-ray services during that trip, regardless of their insurance status. Medicare Part B payment would be made under Part B for the share of the transportation fee attributable to each patient.

Tip: If your SNF bills Medicare Part B for modified barium swallow tests, it needs to use revenue code 32X for the radiology component and revenue code 44X for the speech component.

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