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HCPro's boot camps and webcasts cover the lastest Medicare rules and regulations so you can help your facility provide quality resident care, bill appropriately for services, prevent payment denials, and ensure survey success


  1. Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Boot CampMonday 07/27/2020
  2. Medicare Boot Camp®—Long-Term Care VersionMonday 08/10/2020



  1. Survey Success for Long-Term CareTuesday 06/09/2020

On Demand

  1. Prepare Your SNF for PDPM Audits - On-Demand
  2. SNF Therapy Services in a PDPM World - On-Demand
  3. Managing COVID-19 Anxiety in Long-Term Care - On-Demand
  4. Medicare B and DMEPOS in SNFs - On-Demand
  5. 2020 Final Rule, Regulatory Changes and Clinical Implications for Your SNF - On-Deman…
  6. 2020 Final Rule: Financial Implications for Your SNF - On-Demand
  7. SNF Consolidated Billing Under PDPM - On-Demand
  8. Improving Revenue Integrity Under PDPM - On-Demand
  9. An Interdisciplinary Approach to ICD-10 Coding and PDPM Success - On-Demand
  10. Improving Revenue Integrity Under PDPM - On-Demand
  11. MDS 2019 Updates and PDPM Implications - On-Demand
  12. Requirements of Participation: Are You Ready for Phase 3? - On-Demand
  13. PDPM and Therapy Contracts: How to Adjust and Negotiate - On-Demand
  14. Avoiding F686: Preventing, Treating, and Assessing Pressure Injuries Through Document…
  15. Identifying and Preventing UTIs in Long-Term Care - On-Demand
  16. Reducing Readmissions to Meet SNF VBP Requirements - On-Demand
  17. SNF Final Rule: Prepare for PDPM - On-Demand
  18. Long-Term Care: Achieve Better Compliance Through Service Contract Review - On-Demand
  19. Drug Regimen Review for Long-Term Care: Eliminating Medication Issues to Avoid Regula…
  20. Analyzing Quality Measures to Identify Systemic Issues in Your SNF - On-Demand
  21. Therapy and Nursing Collaboration: Enhancing Communication to Achieve Quality Outcome…
  22. Reduce Citation Risk: Understanding Phase 2 Requirements for Survey Readiness - On-De…
  23. Profit Without Census: How to Achieve Up to $63K in Cost Savings for SNFs - On-Demand
  24. OUT OF PRINT - Goodbye RUG-IV, Hello RCS-1: How to Achieve Quality Outcomes Under a N…
  25. CMS' New Infection Control Requirements: What You Need to Implement a Successful Anti…


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Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 07:00

2019 Revenue Integrity Symposium

The 2020 Revenue Integrity Symposium covers topics essential to revenue integrity, Medicare compliance, and the revenue cycle in acute care and long-term care settings.